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The Owen Sound Dance Academy is excited to announce that registration for our 2021-22 dance season will be open on August 1st! Registration can be done over phone, email, or at one of our in-person registration nights. Please see our registration page for forms and pricing breakdown.


Early-bird registration (with early-bird prices!) will be open from August 1st-August 13th, with our Early-Bird Registration Night happening in-person on Tuesday, August 10th from 5pm-8pm. Early-bird prices will end on August 13th.


Registration will continue to be open until September 8th with regular prices starting August 14th. There will be in-person registration nights on Thursday, September 2nd and Wednesday, September 8th, with ALL registrations being due by September 8th. Our dress-code supplier will also be available at the studio on these nights for you to purchase dress code items.

***Please note no phone registration will be available from August 14th-September 1st. Please email during this time or wait until September.***

Safety & Responsibility in the Era of COVID-19

Ontario is currently in Step 3 of reopening, which does not mean things are back to the way they were in years past. It is essential that all dancers and families understand and adhere to the policies we have in place to ensure the Academy remains clean, safe and open! See our COVID-19 Safety & Sanitation Policies here.


The Academy will continue with our full range of programs in the 2021-22 season. The three main programs are RAD Ballet, SDTA recreational and competitive Highland, and Limón and Graham-based Contemporary. Additionally, the Academy offers classes in Adult Dance and Parent & Tot PreDance as well as Joy in Movement. We will be keeping up to date with both the RAD and SDTA learning and ensure our dancers will be ready when dance exams and highland competitions become possible again.

Find more info about all of our dance programs here.


This dance season is very exciting as it will mark the 5th anniversary of the Owen Sound Dance Academy! Therefore after our holiday break in December the Academy will begin preparations for our biggest June show yet--a 5th anniversary celebration show! All registered dancers will have the opportunity to perform in this show, and select dancers will have the opportunity to perform in a preview charity showcase as well.

Moving Forward: A Caveat

Of course, we will be continuing to monitor the province's guidelines and updates throughout Step 3 of reopening as well as following the information of COVID-19 rates in Ontario and around the world. Part of the responsibility of reopening is being aware that there is a chance of needing to close again, depending on the situation in the province. Doing your part by following our policies and the provincial policies with regards to the virus will certainly help to ensure the Academy can remain open and we can keep dancing in-studio! Stay safe, get fully vaccinated if you are of age to, and protect yourself and the community by following health guidelines.

In the event of another lockdown, classes will move online and new financial plans will be sent to all registered families.

Questions? Contact us!

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