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Thank you for visiting!  Here you will find information about the dance programs we provide, faculty bios, the schedule for our upcoming season, and more! Continue reading to learn all about our studio philosophy and programs, or click on the links below to see updated schedule and registration info.  We are excited to have you join our dance family!

Our Philosophy...


The Owen Sound Dance Academy provides quality artistic and technical training in Ballet, Contemporary, and Highland.  With programs from Preschool to Adult Dance, we base our pedagogy on the belief that anyone, regardless of age, ability, or experience, can have a positive and fulfilling dance experience.


Dance is one of the oldest forms of expression and celebration, a truly unparalleled art form where all the artist needs is themselves and the desire to create.  Dance can connect us to our communities, teach us about history and culture and our own bodies, and can be a powerful emotional experience for both audiences and the artists themselves. The most fulfilling dance practice is developed through passion for the art form and a firm foundation in technique.  

As dancers and dance educators, we know that our body is our instrument, so our programs are built with the intention of developing a safe and healthy dance practice for our students.  The Owen Sound Dance Academy offers dynamic classes with a balance between fun creative development and structured technical training.  This method of pedagogy gives dancers skills that are not only applicable to dance practice, but to all aspects of life.  Through years of focus and dedication, dancers will learn how to manage their time wisely, problem solve, and work as a team toward a common goal.  Through feedback, goal-setting, and performance, dancers will feel empowered and gain confidence in themselves as artists and as people.  The studio is also a place for friendships to grow, and the relationships a dancer has with their teachers and peers will have a lasting impact on their lives.

Click on a link below to learn more about the dance classes we provide...


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