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Joy in Movement Program

Joy in Movement is a new weekend program that builds a creative space where children of all ages, experiences, and abilities can come together and experience the fun and wonder of dance improvisation. Rooted in contemporary dance but less technical than the Academy's Contemporary programs, these 45 minute classes consist of creative movement and improv exercises and games that will encourage dancers to let loose and explore the full range of their expression and find new ways of moving through play. Each class will include a solid warm-up, stretch and cool-down to maintain a healthy movement practice.

*Joy in Movement is currently not running in 2023 but if you are interested please contact the Academy as we will try to bring it back if there is enough interest!*

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Joy in Movement 1
Ages 5-9, also open to Primary & Junior 1 dancers of all styles.
Joy in Movement 2
Ages 10+, also open to Junior 2 and Intermediate/Elementary dancers of all styles.
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