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Highland dance is a traditional form of Scottish dance that has been around for over a thousand years but developed into a more structured technique in the nineteenth century.  Highland is a very athletic form of dance that requires sharp and precise footwork, clean lines, stamina, and strength.  Dancers in this program will have the opportunity to take examinations with the SDTA (Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance) and may also be eligible to compete.

Our Highland Programs

Please note that the ages listed for each class are a guide. Students may be assessed by the teacher at registration and/or during the first week of classes to ensure appropriate class placement. Levels are often combined in the same class depending on registration.

Dress Code

One level up from
 Preschool Dance, in this class children will begin to learn full Highland Dances and begin to prepare for exams and competition if eligible. Ages 5-6+.

Beginner & Novice
With Highland foundations and basic dances in place, dancers will develop more Highland dances and begin to prepare for competition if eligible. 

For dancers in senior exam levels and competitive Intermediate.

For dancers in senior exam levels, competitive Premier, and championships.

Please note: All competitive students are required to take at least two Highland classes per week and are also encouraged to schedule regular private lessons.

Adult Highland
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