In the past century or so, dance artists around the world began to break out of the restrictions of classical ballet into new movement practices that developed into what we now know as modern and contemporary dance. The Contemporary program works to develop physical skill, explore story-telling through movement, and learn different rhythms and musical co-ordinations through dance. While still built on a strong foundation of technique, these classes also focus on mind-body connection and the embodiment of emotion, as well as allowing dancers to explore improvisation and personal artistic expression.
Dress Code 
Girls: black leotard, black shorts or leggings, optional     non-slip socks
Boys: white or black t-shirt, black shorts or tights, optional non-slip socks
Our Contemporary Programs
Please note that the ages listed for each class are a guide. Students may be assessed by the teacher at registration and/or during the first week of classes to ensure appropriate class placement.
In this introductory class, children will begin to learn the basics of contemporary technique and begin to explore their own artistic expression through centre work, floor work, and choreography.  Ages 7-10+.
In this class, dancers will continue to develop a foundation of contemporary technique and begin to find their own personal voice as a dancer through improvisation, along with structured centre work, floor work and choreography.  Ages 11+.
Dancers at this level will continue to develop technique, mastering new and more challenging work while also continuing to increase strength, flexibility, and artistic expression.  Ages 12+ with experience.