Developed over hundreds of years, classical ballet is the foundation for all other Western styles of dance. Through structured classes of barre work, centre practice, and choreography, children will develop a healthy dance practice focusing on alignment, strength, flexibility, balance, and expression.
Dress Code 
Girls: black leotard, pink tights, pink canvas ballet           shoes, black ballet skirt optional
Boys: white t-shirt, black shorts or tights, white ankle       socks, white ballet shoes
Our Ballet Programs
Please note that the ages listed for each class are a guide. Students may be assessed by the teacher at registration and/or during the first week of classes to ensure appropriate class placement.
One level up from Preschool Dance, this class continues to develop important motor skills and creative expression while beginning to introduce beginner ballet class work.  Ages 5-6+.
At this level, children will begin to follow a traditionally structured ballet class with barre and centre practice, learn proper vocabulary and develop their ballet technique and expression.
Junior 1: Ages 7-9+ 
Junior 2: Ages 9-11+
With ballet foundations already in place, dancers will begin to develop a more dynamic movement practice including new ballet skills and vocabulary.  Ages 9-12+.
Dancers at the highest level will continue to develop the technique needed to succeed with more challenging patterns and skills in barre work, centre practice, and classical and contemporary ballet choreography.  Ages 12+.
Advanced ballet students may enrol in an additional half-hour class where they will develop the necessary alignment and foot and ankle strength for pointe work before moving on to barre and centre practice on pointe. Students wishing to take pointe must be at least 12 years of age, have at least two years of Intermediate-Advanced ballet experience, and be enrolled in two Advanced Ballet classes per week.