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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know which level to register my child in?

A: Look at the age guidelines on the program pages, but remember that these guidelines are not set in stone.  If your child has no previous dance experience, a lower level will be more comfortable and beneficial to them. If you are still unsure, please speak with the Academy director.

Q: Can I watch my child dance?

A: There are two scheduled Parent Observation weeks (in November and March) during which you may sit in on all of your child's classes.  During the rest of the session parents/guardians are not permitted in the studios as it distracts the students from their learning.

Q: Is the Academy a competitive studio?

A: No. The practice of competitive dance tends to lead students toward a commercial style of dance where "tricks" are more important than technique or artistry, and a focus on perfection leads to unhealthy dance practice and hierarchical relationships between dancers. Our goals and values align more with preparing our students for performance and a potential future as healthy, creative and well-rounded dance artists. That being said, we do have a competitive Highland program as highland competition is a traditional practice and well-regulated by a world governing body.

Q: How can I be more involved in my child's dance life?

A: We are delighted when parents want to take on a more active role at the Academy.  Events like fundraisers, charity work, community performances, and even the end-of-the-year show would not be possible without a good group of dedicated parent volunteers!  Keep an eye out for Parent Meetings (notices will be given via email) and considering becoming a member of the Parents' Association.  We would love to have you!

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