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General COVID-19 Safety & Sanitation Policies 

As of April 2022 the Academy will operate under the following policies.
  1. Hand washing: there will be hand sanitizer provided in every room - also use the one at the bottom of the stairs upon entrance and exit to the Academy building. There is sanitizing hand soap in both bathrooms as well.

  2. Water: The water fountain is closed for drinking - all dancers must bring their own water bottle; water bottles may be filled at the water fountain with permission from a teacher.

  3. Sanitation: Barres and door handles will be wiped down with sanitizer after every class. The entire studio will be cleaned weekly as usual.

  4. Masks: As of April 11th, masks are no longer mandatory at the Academy, however all dancers and families are welcome to continue to wear masks if they are more comfortable that way.

  5. Illness: If you are sick, regardless of symptoms, you must stay home. Please let your teacher or the Academy know if you will not be attending. Families are advised to get tested for COVID-19 when symptoms arise, and to keep us informed of the results.

  6. COVID-19: If you or anyone in your immediate family or social circle tests positive for COVID-19, you must contact the Academy and let us know.

Thank you for doing your part to keep our dancers and families safe!

Proof of Vaccination Policy

  • ​As of August 2022, there is no longer a proof of vaccination policy at the Academy, however we highly encourage all students and visitors to continue to be cautious with the ongoing pandemic.

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