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2020 brought a lot of surprises and challenges for everyone in the performing arts world, and the Academy was no different. With various levels of lockdown and uncertainty in the spring, we were unable to perform our usual end of the year show in June 2020. But, fortunately things got a bit brighter in the fall and we were able to return to the studio and pick up where we left off with our show preparation--with a new goal in mind: a virtual performance! All of the dancers worked throughout Session 1 to prepare for this new challenge, until we finally filmed our performance in December.

SPECTRUM is a show about the pull between individuality and togetherness, personal strength and the power of teamwork. We are all unique and special in our own ways, in our identities, beliefs, backgrounds, and abilities, and all of that is beautiful! And it is even more beautiful when we can all work together to build something: just like all of the colours of a rainbow.

Featuring dancers of all levels and styles from Preschool to Adult Dance, with choreography by Adela Cleverley, Maggie Armstrong, Britney Haylow, Maya Ostrom, Alexis Lovell and Lauren McKibbon.

If you would like to watch our full virtual performance, please add your email address to this spreadsheet to be granted access to the videos, which are also linked in the spreadsheet. Please note that only gmail (google) accounts will work.

And with that, here is our opening number: KALEIDOSCOPE, choreographed by Adela Cleverley and featuring contemporary dancers from Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced.

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