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Proof of Vaccination Policy

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

→ UPDATED JANUARY 2022 to include dancers age 12-17

Please read this post very carefully and click through the links to government information if you have questions about the policies!

The Proof of Vaccination plan is exciting news for dancers and performing artists in Ontario, because it means we're a lot closer to being able to enter theatres again--to perform on stage, and to go on field trips to see professional dance shows! I know all of our dancers have been struggling with all of the missed opportunities to perform and experience live dance in the past year and a half.

Please see the initial announcement from the Ontario government here, adding youth ages 12-17 to the provincial vaccine policies:

Official proof of vaccination info page:


We have continued to follow along with the news and ensure we have all of the facts about how these regulations affect dance studios. A dance studio is an indoor recreational activity space, so all adults and youth ages 12+ are now included in the vaccine requirement.

As of December 20th, our Proof of Vaccination Policy is as follows:

  • Dancers ages 12-17 MUST show proof of vaccination upon returning to in-person dance classes. (NEW)

  • Dancers who have just turned 12 are exempt for 84 days (12 weeks) after their birthday, and then MUST show proof of vaccination. (NEW)

  • Parents entering the building for any reason MUST show proof of vaccination.

  • All adult dancers registered for Adult Highland or Adult Dance MUST show proof of vaccination.

  • All adults participating in Parent & Tot classes MUST show proof of vaccination.

  • To keep things simple and efficient, each individual will only have to do this once. Once we have you checked off, please let us know if anyone other than a parent will sometimes be coming in with your child so that we can add them to our list as well.

*If you are not vaccinated and do not have a medical exemption, you will need to drop your dancers off at the front door, in keeping with government policy.* If you have a medical condition that exempts you from being vaccinated for COVID-19, you will need to provide proof. Please see the section below.


Print off your Enhanced Vaccine Certificate with the QR code on it, or have it ready to pull up on your phone. We'll scan the QR code and check you off on our list and you're good to go! To get your Enhanced Vaccine Certificate, enter your health card info here:

*if you have only received your first dose, you must wait until you have received your second dose before being able to enter the Academy building*


Please note that there are only two accepted medical exemptions for getting vaccinated for COVID-19, and they are rare. Please read the recent Ontario Ministry of Health document on exemptions here:

Therefore, proof of medical exemption can be either: 1) a note from an allergist or immunologist about an allergic reaction to your first dose or an allergy to an ingredient of the vaccine, or 2) a note from your doctor or immunologist about a heart condition or other medical condition that prevents you from receiving the vaccine. If you have questions about any of this, please contact the Ministry of Health or the local Grey Bruce Health Unit (contact numbers are included at the bottom of this post).


Of course we recommend everyone be vaccinated to help keep our community safe, but your child will be able to continue dancing, you will just not be able to enter the Academy. If you are not vaccinated, in order for us to follow government policy, you will have to drop your dancer off and pick them up at the front door of the building. If you are doing this and your child is under 7 years old, please let us know ahead of time so that we can have a teacher or assistant ready to meet them at the door.

IF I AM NOT VACCINATED, CAN I STILL DANCE? (Adult Dancers and Youth Ages 12+)

Only if you have proof of medical exemption, please see above.



  • Proof of Vaccination Policy remains in place for 2022, with the addition of youth ages 12-17.

  • Dancers under 12 do not have to show proof of vaccination.

  • ALL adults (18+) and youth (12+) entering the Academy building will need to show proof of vaccination (Enhanced Vaccine Certificate). After you have done this once, you will not have to do so again.

  • If you are not vaccinated, you must drop your child off at the front door.

  • This is Ontario government policy supported by the Ministry of Health and the federal government, and dance studios must adhere to it by law. Hostility or abuse towards Academy faculty for implementing this policy will not be tolerated.

Thanks for helping keep our studio and community a safe and healthy place, everyone!

If you have questions about Ontario's vaccine certificate rules, please contact:

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